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Meet Palmer

Palmer Nicklaus Strong, also known as Palmey Bear, is the force, inspiration, and spirit behind the Palmer Nicklaus Foundation. Palmer may have only been with us for 47-days, but those 47-days were some of the most transformational of our lives. In honor of Palmer, we provide support for the families fighting for their babies by providing meals in the hospital and funding research for a better future. We find ways to honor him, and most importantly, find ways to continue telling Palmer's Story. 




To help families fighting Heterotaxy Syndrome and Congenital Heart Defects.

We continue our fight through the funding and development of advocacy programs, feeding the families, and continuously finding ways to support research for and bring awareness to Heterotaxy Syndrome and CHD.


Palmer's Song, Warm in Heaven, is available for download for $2.99. All proceeds go directly to the Palmer Nicklaus Foundation


Heterotaxy literally means "Different Arrangement". No two cases of Heterotaxy are the same, just as no two cases of CHD are the same. As a result of his Heterotaxy and the complexity of his CHD, Palmer was given 0% chance of survival. Within the day we were medevaced to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, TX, and Palmer had his first open heart surgery, 21 hours in total, to repair his TAPVR and MAPCAs on April 10th. He was then on VA ECMO life support, open chest, until he was taken off life support on May 17th, 2017. 


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Palmer says THANKS


When we lost Palmer, we made a promise to him that we would live for what should have been, and what could still be. That promise drives our passion for the Palmer Nicklaus Foundation and pushes us to always be better. Your support can be given in a number of ways, and we appreciate all of them infinitely. Thank you for helping us tell Palmer's Story.

Palmer's Video

Palmer's Video showcases Palmer's transformative affect on Kristen and Robert, providing viewers a glimpse into their intensely emotional journey.

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